GSM Projects

Starting Price:-6000/-

1 3-Phase Irrigation Motor Monitoring and Auto-Controlling Based on GSM Technology: This project implements the modern way of controlling the irrigation motor or pump using GSM technology. Sensors are attached to the controller which automatically controls the pump when any constraint is overruled like temperature, water level decreasing, abnormal conditions in motor, etc. This information is transferred to farmers via GSM so that motor can be monitored and controlled remotely.
2 A Remote Measurement and Control System for Greenhouse Based on GSM-SMS:The main aim of this project is to design a remote monitoring and control system equipment for greenhouse based on GSM network. This project continuously monitors temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc and thereby controls devices like fans, heating system, water pumps, etc. If any parameter violates its range, the dedicated control hardware controls the devices and also an SMS is transferred to the user.
3 Wireless Accident Information System Using GSM and GPS: This project is useful for detecting the accidents, controlling the speed of the vehicles and sending information of accident location to the control area or any authorized persons. Different sensors like vibration, alcohol, seatbelt checking, vehicle zone area, etc together with control unit controls the speed of the vehicle while GPS and GMS modules enables sending of an SMS about accident location to the control room.
4 SMS based Wireless Notice board with Monitoring system using GSM with SMS:This project aims to design wireless notice board which automatically updates the information to be sent via SMS from user mobile. This design achieves the multiple display update system irrespective of their location. ARM controller with GMS technology achieves this operation along with audio announcement system.
5 Vehicle Theft Control System using GSM and CAN Technology: This project implements an anti-vehicle theft control system by connecting vehicle engine control module to the central controller via CAN network. The keypad attached to the controller asks for password to enter by the user and the controller accordingly controls the ignition system. If the user sends an SMS to the mobile which is attached to the main controller, the engine will be stopped automatically. Also stolen information is send to the user via GPS and GSM modules.
6 GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter System with Instant Billing: The main aim of this project is to implement Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) System for energy meter billing with the use of GSM technology. This GSM based and ARM controlled device continuously measures the energy consumption over a given period of time and accordingly sends the billing information to the customers as well as utility companies.
7 Real Time Water Quality Measurement System using GSM: The objective of this project is to design a real time water quality measuring system to measure the essential qualities of water such as pH, turbidity, temperature, conductivity and total dissolved solids. This system sends the measured data to remote mobile located at monitoring center via GSM module.
8 GSM Based HealthCare Telemonitoring System: The main idea of this project is to facilitate the monitoring of vital signs of the patient using GMS technology. The PIC microcontroller collects the information of patient heart rate and body temperature and sends it to remote mobile located via GMS modem.
9 Development of GSM Based Concealed Alarm System: This project aims to design a concealed alarm system which monitors the real-time on site and generates alarm when person get contact with foot button. This system not only generates the alarm at on site but also sends the data to remote mobile via GSM and remote multi-regions via FM networks.
10 GPS-GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System: In this project, a regular monitoring or tracking system for vehicle is implemented to know the location and route travelling by the vehicle using GSM and GPS module. The data acquiring unit consists of microcontroller along with GPS and GSM module which acquires the information of exact location and sends it to the remote mobile. GMS mobile with web application at monitoring side gives the vehicle location.
11 Fire Detection and Notification System using GSM Technology: The main objective of this project is to decrease the damage that being occurred in the event of fire accidents by making aware of accident to the first responders via SMS. This system equipped with smoke detection sensors, microcontroller unit and GSM and GPS module. When the fire accident occurs, this system alerts the fire engine station by sending SMS along with accident place through GPS and GSM modem.
12 Gas Leakage Detection System using GSM: In this project, a gas sensor attached to the microcontroller unit continuously monitors the leakage of gas. When it detects the leakage, this controller informs the user via SMS through GSM module. It also activates the alarm and exhaust fan automatically in the event of gas leakage.
13 GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services:This project enhances the services provided by the public transportation management by using GMS and GPS integration technology. In this, bus station module, bus module and base station modules are interconnected with GSM modems where each module consists of microcontroller, GSM modem and PC. User at bus station module can send SMS to base station or bus modules to know the location of bus.
14 Automated Toll Plaza Using RFID and GSM: This project achieves the automatic toll plaza systems by advancing registering of the vehicles via SMS. The GSM modem at the toll plaza generates the password and confirmation SMS to the vehicle owner so that at the time vehicle arrival at toll plaza, waiting of vehicle for registration is completely avoided. RFID based card system automatically deducts the amount when vehicle entered into the toll plaza.
15 GSM or X10 Based SCADA System for Industrial Automation: This systems is designed to replace the high cost PLC based SCADA systems for small industries by implementing GSM based SCADA system. Microcontroller along with GSM modem at field area continuously monitors the various sensors. When user sends SMS to the GSM module at field area, microcontroller unit sends the various parameters information to the user mobile.
16 GSM Based Automatic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System: The main aim of this project is to implement an IVR system using GSM module. In this, user can access the particular database information by calling to the GSM modem and by correspondingly pressing proper keys as like service provider customer calling service.
17 Three Phase Motor Control Using GSM: This project provides the remote control of three phase motor from user mobile phone using GSM technology. This allows user to control the motor via SMS and also facilitates the protection of motor from dry-running, over-current and single phasing.
18 Implementation of Unmanned Vehicle using GSM Network with Arduino: The main objective of this project is to implement control system for an autonomous robot by using GSM modem, Arduino controller and DTMF decoder. GSM modem attached with robot allows the user to make call so that, upon pressing a key Arduino controls the direction of the robot.
19 Closed Loop Automation of Street Light Control using PIR and GSM: This project achieves the closed loop control of street light via two ways namely GSM and PIR sensor. This system overcomes the manual switching of street lights by implementing SMS based switching as well as PIR detection switching using GSM module and PIR sensor respectively.
20 GSM or SMS Based Intelligent Voting System: The main intention of this project is to implement flexible and moderate voting system with use of GSM technology. In this, valid votes are stored in the EEPROM of microcontroller and attached GSM modem allows the voter to send their vote from their mobiles. By this way it collects the votes from voters provided it rejects more than one vote from one voter. This GSM modem is connected to the microcontroller using I2C protocol.
21 Fuel Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking using GPS And GSM: This project implements both vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system in one module. This design continuously records or logs the fuel consumption and fuel filling in the memory. Also, it facilitates the user or owner to send different commands from mobile to the GSM module in order to get the information of fuel log and also for knowing the exact location of the vehicle.
22 An Advanced ATM Crime Prevention System using GSM: The main aim of this project is to prevent the robbery of ATMs by implementing an ARM based embedded system using GSM technology. MEMS sensor attached to the controller continuously monitors the vibration of ATM, if it senses the ATM movement, it gives the signal to ARM so that ATM door is locked via DC motor. This information is passed to the nearby police station through GSM modem.
23 Fault Detection for UPS System Using GSM: The objective of this project is to build a UPS system with GSM transceivers in order to achieve easy and quick fault finding in various UPS sections. This project automatically updates the status of UPS in the main server when server sends an SMS to it via GSM module. Upon this collected information from various UPS section, we can easily find out the fault.
24 GSM and DTMF Based Mobile Phone Controlled Four Legged Walking Robot: This project aims to build a four legged walking robot controlled using DTMF and GSM technology. The control signals from user mobile (corresponding key on dial pad) received by GSM module along with DTMF decoder helps to control the direction of four legged robot. This robot can be used for surveillance and land mine detection application on rocky terrains.
25 GSM Based Motor Speed Monitor and Control: This project implements a remote speed monitoring and control system for motor using GSM technology. This design deal with automatic message sending and receiving technique to send the current speed of the motor to remote mobile and to accept the user SMS to control the speed. In this, PWM technique is implemented to control the speed of the motor.
26 Automated System for Air Pollution Detection and Control in Vehicles: The objective of this project is to implement a small embedded unit for automobiles that can detect the pollution or emission of pollutants in the vehicle and thereby take control over vehicle engine. This design continuously monitors the pollution caused by the vehicle, if the pollution level is violated; it immediately turns off the vehicle engine and also informs the owner via GSM.
27 Implementing Encryption Algorithm for Addressing GSM Security Issues: This project implements an advanced encryption algorithm for private key encryption. This system uses a cryptography technique to provide the security to the audio data transfer within GSM networks. The results obtained after decryption is the exact copy of original file.
28 GSM Based Home Security System: In this project GSM technology is implemented to control the doors in order to enhance the home security. This design allows the user to open or close the door via SMS through GSM modem and also informs the owner in case of any person trying to access the door via keypad attached to it even for correct or wrong password.
29 GPS and GSM Based Crack Detection System For Railway Track: This project implements the crack detection using IR sensors as well as human detection using PIR sensors on railway track in order to increase the security of railways. GPS and GSM modules on this system send the exact location of cracks on the track to remote authorized mobiles.
30 GSM based Weather Monitoring and Controlling System: The objective of this project is to provide weather remote monitoring system as well as control system using GSM technology. Various weather parameters like temperature, humidity, gas, etc are acquired and send to the remote mobile via GSM mobile so that user could able to control appliances like fans, water sprinklers, alarm devices, etc remotely.
31 Tank Water Level Monitoring System using GSM Network: This project aims to monitor the water level in the tank remotely using GSM technology. The specified water levels detected by the circuit is send to the remote mobile via GSM modem so that user aware the level information. This project is useful for the industries for remote monitoring of liquids in large tanks.
32 Reservation Based Vehicle Parking System Using GSM and RFID Technology: This project implements a vehicle parking system upon reservation of slot in parking area using GSM and RFID technology. GSM module attached to this system allows the user for advance booking of slot in parking area. GSM gives an SMS of password and slot number to the remote mobile thereby user can park the car by paying money using RFID card.
33 Automatic Frequency Planning and Optimization Algorithm for GSM Networks:This project demonstrates ingenious algorithm for automatic frequency planning and optimization for GSM networks using Inter-Cell Dependency Matrix (ICDM) concept. This algorithm is modeled and simulated using MATLAB software.
34 One Touch Alarm System for Women’s Safety using GSM: The objective of this project is to build a portable device that can assist with women safety. A wrist watch type device with one button sends the exact location to the SOS contacts or police station in the emergency conditions. GPS module determines the exact location while GSM module sends that location data to predefined user telephone numbers.
35 Study and Performance of AMR Codecs for GSM: This project gives a brief study on AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) codec for GSM network in order to deliver best quality of speech at receiving end. This AMR can be adaptable for both full rate and half rate channels of GSM.
36 GSM based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System: In this project, remote monitoring of transformer parameters such as oil level, load current and ambient temperature, etc is performed by using GSM technology. The microcontroller unit along with GSM modem sends the transformer parameters data to remote mobile so that user can monitor any abnormality of transformer from far remote locations.
37 Automated Farm Monitoring System using GSM Technology using LabVIEW: This automated farm automation system helps the farmers by implementing LabVIEW graphical interface monitoring crop fields remotely by using GSM technology. Various sensor data collected by microcontroller unit in crop fields is transferred to the field GSM transceiver and then send to remote GSM transceiver. At receiving side, GSM transceiver transfers the data to LabVIEW software which enables GUI to the farmers.
38 GSM Based secured Advertising System: The main aim of this project is to integrate LED display systems with GSM technology. This can be useful in public places, hospitals, banks, etc to update the information every time through mobile. The GSM attached with LED display systems receives the user information and accordingly displays.
39 Hardware Based Braille Pad on Mobile Phone: The intention of this project is to build a SMS text to voice as well Braille language translator to assist to the blind people. The GSM modem attached to the hardware receives the messages from remote mobile and then translates not only into voice using loudspeaker but also into Braille language. This also facilitates to send the messages to remote mobile by typing letter upon Braille pad attached to this hardware.
40 GSM Based Engine & A.C Control System for Vehicles: This project implements a system which automatically controls the vehicle ignition system as well as air conditioning system whenever user sends a message to the control unit from mobile. This increases flexibility and facilitates to turn AC earlier as compared with conventional turning ON process of Air conditioning.
41 GSM Based GSM Based Railway Level Crossing Gate ControlEngine & A.C Control System for Vehicles: This project provides a remote control operation of railway level crossing gate using GSM technology. Whenever station master sends the SMS from his mobile to the controlling unit located at level crossing, GSM modem receives the message and then transfers it to the microcontroller which further drives the motor.
42 On-Line Monitoring and Analysis of Faults in Transmission and Distribution Lines using GSM: In this project, a robust and efficient method of conveying fault detection information to the utility department is implemented using GSM technology. Whenever fault takes place in transmission and distribution lines such as falling of live conductor on ground, this system automatically stops the power supply as well as generates the SMS and conveys it to the electricity department.
43 Voice Based Guidance and Location Indication System for the Blind Using GSM, GPS and Optical Device Indicator: This project is intended to assist the blind people by implementing stick based device which can capable of navigating the person by GPS and voice modules. The location information will be sent to the GSM module so that it can be conveyed to remote person in order to track the blind people. This system also provides obstacle detection on the path.
44 GSM Based Electricity Theft Identification in Distribution Systems: The main aim of this project is to avoid the theft of electricity or power by using GSM technology. This system uses automatic meter reading equipment and GSM module along with tactile sensor to address the power theft problem. When this system detects the theft of power, it automatically generates the SMS and sends it to the electricity department.
45 Remote Monitoring of Students Attendance Based on RFID and GSM Network: This project builds attendance system for schools and colleges using RFID and GSM technologies. RFID reader collects the attendance and transmits it into the microcontroller. Further this data is logged to the central computer and also sends the message to the parents via GSM module.