1. Wired robot using dpdt
  2. Obstacle avoider Robot
  3. Wireless robot using RF
  4. Smart vehicle with auto breaking system and back indicator(wired/wireless)
  5. Super car(ldr, breaking,solor dummy,wireless,back indicator)
  6. Future car(solor dummy,wind mill,socker electricity,auto breaking)
  7. Light follower/line follower robot
  8. Defence purpose tank modal with 360*firing toph wireless
  9. Motion based robot(gyro/acceleration)
  10. Fire fighter robot
  11. Bomb detector wireless robot with camera
  12. Lathe Machine
  13. Mechanical suspension based deserter robot with 4 wheel drive+ thermal sensor + camera
  14. Disaster rescue robot + thermal sensor + wireless
  15. Android control advance robot
  16. Sliding/adjustable car
  17. Drone(quardcopter) with camera 6 channel
  18. Robotics arm(wired/wireless)
  19. Advanced railway system with stairs
  20. War field spying robot with night vision wireless camera
  21. Android control robot for human detection
  22. Metal detector robot
  23. Remote control  pick and place robotics vehicle
  24. Six legged walking robot(wired/wireless-bluetooth,rf,pc,dtmf)
  25. Smoke & LPG gas detection robot(wired/wireless)
  26. Eye control wheel chair system for physically challenged
  27. Flying  quad copter with wireless video camera
  28. Motion sensor Wheel chair for physically challenged
  29. Stairs system Electrical Power Generation(rack & pinion based)
  30. Electrical Power Generation From Speed Breaker(rack & pinion based)
  31. Electricity  generation from bike sacker
  32. Electrical Power Generation Using Footsteps
  33. Six Leg Kinematic Moving Machine
  34. Anti-Lock Braking System with gps/gsm tracking
  35. Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machine(ultrasonic based)
  36. Solar water pump
  37. Wind meal water pump
  38. Smart Helmet
  39. Automatic Car Parking System
  40. Automatic Door Opening And Closing System with welcome/thank you  digital voice
  41. Automatic Railway Gate Controller
  42. Automatic Reverse Braking And Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic
  43. Automatic sniper with motion sensor based(tracking human eye)
  44. CNC Plotter machine  5cm x5cm
  45. Grass cutting machine wireless with solar power
  46. Pedal operated Hacksaw machine
  47. Hover Board(100kg wight)
  48. Remote Controlled Mini Forklift                                               
  49. Regenerative Braking System Project                                        
  50. Mini Windmill Power Generation Project                               
  51. 3 DOF Hydraulic Extractor Mini JCB                                             
  52. Steering Mechanism Vehicle With Joystick Control                  
  53. Automatic Mechanical Garage Door Opener                              
  54. Automatic Seed Sowing Robot                                                      
  55. Electromagnetic Braking System                                                   
  56. Contactless Eddy Braking System                                                
  57. Automated 5Dof Robotic Arm Mechanism                              
  58. Electromagnetic breaking system
  59. Smart cooler Humidity control Solar Cooler        
  60. Wind meal Water pump 
  61. Remote control Screw jack
  62. Solar Operated Bicycle
  63. Remote Control Hydraulic jack 
  64. 4 way hexa machine
  65. 2 way hexa machine
  66. Laser CNC machine    
  67. Dual axis solar tracking system 
  68. Prepaid water dispensary system
  69. Smart Conover belt     
  70. ABS System
  71. Automatic Bike stand
  72. GOPRO Car